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Stacking too many layers of old shingles can shorten the life of your roof. Kellett & Sons Roofing can remove your shingles, down to the decking (the plywood sheeting), called a tear-off.

If your roof has 2 or more layers of shingling, we will remove the roofing. If the decking is soft, this may indicate it needs to be replaced (re-sheet). Our expert estimators will let you know exactly what is needed for your roof.

We will insure that your property is protected while the work is performed.

You should consider a tear-off if:

  • Roof in poor condition (curling or missing shingles)
  • More than 2 layers of roofing materials
  • Soft spots on your roof
  • Roof leaks

If your roof has only 1 layer of shingles that are in good condition, you may want to consider a re-roof.

  • Re-roofs, also called overlays, can save you time and money. The old roofing is not removed, saving time. It also is not needed to be disposed of, saving you disposal costs. The expert estimators at Kellett & Sons Roofing can tell you if an overlay is recommended in your situation.
  • Overlays take less time than tear-offs, and save you disposal costs as well as labor costs.

You should consider an overlay if:

  • You have only 1 layer of shingles
  • Your shingles lay flat
  • You have good sheeting (decking)
  • There are no soft spots on your roof

Overlays do shorten shingle life. For a full life of the shingling, consider a tear-off.

Typically, new shingled roofs should last upwards of 20+ years. However, many factors, such as proper installation, climate, and ventilation, impact the life of your roof.

Our friendly and professional roofing experts are here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

Is your roofing wearing out? Call Kellett & Sons Roofing at 770-358-7857 for expert advice on whether you should get a tear-off or an overlay.

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